The initial insured property loss estimate for Extratropical Cyclone Herwart, which hit Austria and Germany on Oct. 29, 2017, is €252 million ($337.3 million), according to PERILS, the independent Zurich-based organization that provides industry-wide catastrophe insurance data.

In line with the PERILS reporting schedule, an updated estimate will be made available on Jan. 29, 2018, three months after the event start date.
In addition to Austria and Germany, Herwart also affected Denmark, but to a much lesser extent, said PERILS. The storm also hit Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – although these three territories are not covered by PERILS.

In Germany, Herwart caused strong gusts in Northern and Eastern Germany in the first half of the day, said PERILS, noting that the rapid passage of the extratropical cyclone meant that the extreme winds only lasted for two to three hours. The highest gust value was 176 kilometers per hour (109.4 miles per hour), which was recorded on the Fichtelberg in East Germany (Saxony).

Austria was hit by Herwart during the late morning and early afternoon. Strong gusts mainly affected the eastern half of the country, including the states of Upper and Lower Austria, Vienna, Salzburg, Styria and Burgenland. The highest gust was measured at 180 km/h (111.9 mph) on the Feuerkogel Mountain.

Source: PERILS