The Reinsurance Association of America (RAA)’s latest survey shows a group of 18 U.S. property/casualty reinsurers posted $4.756 billion net income in aggregate for the first six months of 2013 — an increase of 32 percent from $3.608 billion reported by the same group of companies during the same time last year.

The U.S. reinsurers’ net premiums written fell slightly compared to last year. The reinsurers wrote $13.450 billion of net premiums during first six months of 2013, falling 2.2 percent from the $13.756 billion net premiums written by the same group of companies during the same time last year.

The aggregate combined ratio for the 18 U.S. reinsurers was 86.0 percent (55.6 percent loss ratio and an expense ratio of 30.4 percent) for the 2013 first half, improving from 91.2 percent reported by the same 18 companies during the same period last year.

The net underwriting gains also rose. The group of 18 reinsurers posted $1.713 billion in aggregate net underwriting gains for the 2013 first half, up from $842 million reported by the same group a year ago.

Policyholders’ surplus was $127.0 billion, up from $114.6 billion at the end of the second quarter 2013.

RAA conducts surveys of reinsurers’ statutory underwriting results each quarter. This latest survey shows Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity Co. leading the group in generating profits.

National Indemnity’s net income for the 2013 first half came in at $2.962 billion, which makes up more than 60 percent of the aggregate net income reported by the 18 U.S. reinsurers in the survey. Transatlantic Reinsurance had the second-largest net income among the group with $364 million, followed by Everest Reinsurance Co. with $316 million.

Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity also had the largest net underwriting gain in the group, with $925 million for the 2013 first half, which makes up approximately 54 percent of all underwriting income reported by the 18 U.S. reinsurers in the survey.

The 18 reinsurers in the survey are: American Agricultural Ins. Co.; Axis Reinsurance Co.; EMC Rein. Co.; Endurance Reins. Corp. of America; Everest Reins. Co.; General Re Group; Munich Re America Corp.; National Indemnity Co.; Odyssey Reins. Group; Partner Reins. Co., Platinum Underwriters Reins. Inc.; QBE North America; SCOR U.S. Group/SCOR Re; Sirius America Insurance Co.; Swiss Reinsurance America Corp.; The Toa Reins. Co. of America; Transatlantic Reinsurance; and XL Reins. America.

The following chart shows the 2013 first-half statutory results of the 18 U.S. reinsurers, from a survey by the Reinsurance Association of America. (All dollar figures are in thousands.)

ReinsurerNet Premiums WrittenCombined RatioNet Underwriting Gain/(Loss)Net Income/(Loss)
American Agricultural Ins. Co.$143,47599.8%$2,418$8,100
Axis Reins. Co.$276,39596.3%($9,754 loss)$18,285
EMC Rein. Co.$58,20478.7%$11,975$12,256
Endurance Reins. Corp. of America$129,088100.3%($3,950 loss)$6,675
Everest Reins. Co.$940,26084.8%$118,771$316,631
General Re Group$536,70896.6%$49,364$202,399
Munich Re America Corp.$1,533,15597.9%$41,498$203,139
National Indemnity Co.$3,146,02966.2%$924,846$2,962,145
Odyssey Reins. Group$1,039,41083.3%$176,902$67,575
Partner Reins. Co.$579,380102.5%($32,234 loss)$35,728
Platinum Underwriters Reins. Inc.$187,51187.6%$22,293$32,866
QBE North America$1,261,634102.2%($10,020 loss)$18,829
SCOR U.S. Group/SCOR Re$368,466100.8%$13,407$40,254
Sirius America Insurance Co.$129,64188.1%$10,494$28,206
Swiss Reins. America Corp.$1,008,09868.2%$226,326$295,087
The Toa Reins. Co. of America$199,37495.7%$8,031$30,102
Transatlantic Reinsurance$1,537,78389.6%$155,571$364,409
XL Reins. America$425,48698.9%$7,245$113,803