Independent insurance broker network Brokerslink announced that it has “restructured its Board of Directors to drive growth and revenue generation following its change from a not-for-profit association to a for-profit global broking company.” The group’s premiums and consulting fees are in excess of $20 billion.

José Manuel Fonseca has been appointed CEO of Brokerslink in a change from his prior role as Chairman. Fonseca, who is also the CEO of MDS Group, will be able to “both intensify his executive involvement in Brokerslink and coordinate the management of its increased responsibilities towards members, employees, markets, clients and shareholders.”

Jamie Crystal, Executive VP of Crystal & Company, will take on the role of Chairman of Brokerslink, while Grégory Allard, Executive VP of Filhet Allard has been appointed Deputy Chairman. “Going forward, the chairmanship will rotate among members to enable Brokerslink to benefit from a range of management styles over time,” said the announcement.

Shaun Hooper, International CEO of Cooper Gay Swett & Crawford (CGSC), has also joined the Board. He replaces Steve Jackson, Latin America Regional Commercial Director of CGSC, who will now focus his Brokerslink role on business development as Regional Director Americas.

Brokerslink explained that its “new holding company was incorporated in 2015 following capital investments by MDS, Crystal & Company, Filhet-Allard, Nova and CGSC. The changes created a diversified global broking company focused on utilizing its new corporate strength to expand and build enhanced multi-national client support capabilities.

“Since its incorporation Brokerslink has also established a dedicated and centralized management resource supported by marketing, branding, strategic partnering with insurers and an expanded Board.”

Fonseca said: “Today’s changes to the Brokerslink board will place us in the ideal position to ensure our members benefit fully from our transformation into a truly global independent broking company. Over the past year we have completely restructured the organization and created a very strong management and delivery team. Our focus is now very much on winning business and demonstrating our unique capabilities and strengths to the global insurance market and clients based anywhere in the world.”

Source: Brokerslink